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All of the social networking, none of the software - April 19, 2004

Here's an idea. Instead of spending all of this time trying to get people together on Meetup and Orkut and Blog this and Blog that and Craigslist and Ryze and all the other billion networking sites I use, casually or seriously... Why can't restaurants, coffee shops, community centers, and bars create their own social networking? People are going to the same places us out here! We can't get together on our own.

How about this: cool brunch spot A declares every other Saturday morning "mamas with new babies under one morning" and provides free diaper wipes and pureed apples. Hip singles bar B makes every Wednesday evening "sales networking night" with wi-fi access free and plenty of extra pens at the tables for writing cell phone numbers on business cards. Yoga studio C offers "stay-at-home daddy morning" on Tuesdays with child care and an utter lack of attitude or judgment. Coffee shop D stays open late on Monday nights and turns UP the lights for scrapbooking night.

I'm tired of all those RSVPs and polls I want to respond to, but can't yet (will his nap work out? will my husband surprise me with dinner? will I get stuck in a meeting? who knows?). I'm tired of going to coffee shops and asking every table if they are from Craigslist. I don't know about you, but that would sure make it a lot easier for me.

And we can use all that money you would have spent on Google ads for free lattes and brownies ;)