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"In this space" - April 1, 2004

I had a professor in business school whose buzzphrase was "in this space." As in "this is the leading company in this space" and "in this space, banner ad clickthroughs are 0.5%." One day we counted over 100 repetitions of the phrase in a 75-minute class. He said it when he was nervous and when he was confident. He said it as a way of emphasizing his point. "It's a great strategy, in this space." He sometimes used it like "ummm" in the middle of completely unrelated sentences.

So I usually avoid the phrase altogether as it seems ridiculous given my historical context. I needed to use it today and I wanted a disclaimer, mostly to relieve my sense that I have violated a personal writing standard. Any of you who joined me in wincing every time the professor repeated his catch phrase, please forgive me. Thanks ;)