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Cool tool for the mama-to-be - April 9, 2004

I came across this cool application in one of my strange Google keyword searches (you know, the ones NO ONE has adwords for?). The trial version lasts 45 days and lets you input the important facts about your monthly schedule so you can predict ovulation (for taking advantage of, or avoiding, your choice!). The paid version ($29.95) helps you use timing to increase your chances of conceiving a girl, or a boy, depending on your hopes. The link, with their little blurb, is below. I'll keep a link on the page.

Ovulation Calendar - an ovulation prediction program that uses menstrual cycle information to generate your personal fertility calendar, and lets you choose the gender of your baby.

Just a tip for you mamas - breastfeeding for many people (and DEFINITELY me) totally negates this calendar, and most ovulation advice. So if you're breastfeeding, and you know your cycle hasn't returned to normal, wait until you're done to use this cool tool. You can check back to the parenting page for more of my thoughts on this.