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Crafty ladies and gents, can you take my groovy user survey? - August 10, 2004

I've been working on a business plan for a neighbor, and I'm helping out with my typical business school product development stuff. Let me just say that the reason I'm involved is because I love this business idea, and would be the number one customer (well, maybe the number two customer, as I plan to get a substantial discount ;).

The plan will remain shrouded in mystery until after y'all fill out my user survey. Right now it is sadly stuck in Microsoft Word, ready to be downloaded and filled out, then emailed, or printed and written on with your actual hand. I know, I'm terrible. Maybe after my taxes get done I'll make it into a web-based, form-based, slick survey.

Can you download me, fill me out, and send me back to Sarah, please?

Note: the first email address I used is having technical difficulties - send surveys to