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'cause I wanna be a knitter, too - August 22, 2004

I've been reading knitting blogs like crazy, too many to name. I have been knitting like crazy. I am officially a crazy wanna-be knitter.

Do you wanna know how this all started? It started with this cool space called Mabel's Cafe & Knittery. It's a coffee shop, it's a yarn store, it's cozy and so grandma-mixed-with-PDX-zen. I had to hang out there. I didn't knit, but that was cool, I thought, I could soak it up without needles and yarn.

And then there was the garage sale. The one with the oodles of skeins of yummy yarn. It was just for my friends. It was "raspberry," acrylic but beautiful. It was only three dollars.

My friends wouldn't take it all, so I was just sitting there, at Mabel's, with four skeins of beautiful yarn. I borrowed some needles and learned to cast on. In no time, I was knitting.

That weekend my sister-in-law had her long labor. I knitted, and knitted, and a few weeks later I had a scarf, soft and cushy. I started experimenting with purls and binding off. I needed to make a hat. I was hooked.

Seven frogs later I had completely figured out how to work the ribbing and the circular needles. I hit another garage sale. Fifteen dollars, a garbage bag full of yarn, and I had started on a hat...not a baby hat, one for myself. With mohair and something pretty and dark pink. (no label, I just know it's soft and very much me) I was knitting like I knew what I was doing.

Katie models my oh-so-mohair hat

That was less than seven days ago. Today I've finished my soft mohair hat and an absolute hit of a baby hat for Nehalem. I started on a dark green boucle-style hat for my brother-in-law (don't worry, I'll steal it from him whenever I want ;). My next project? A backpack for Everett. Or a shawl. Or hats for all the new babies in my life. What do you think?

And you know what? I'm a knitting nerd. I've been studying. And experimenting. And, of course, changing the patterns before I even learn how to follow them. I like what I've come up with. It's like watercolor with clothing. It's easy and creative and restful. I knit at traffic lights. I knit in the car. I knit when Everett screams his way to sleep. Ahhh...