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Are PR agencies all the same? - August 22, 2004

We've met with several PR agencies, now. Many of them have been chock-full of impressive experiences, successes and client relationships. Many of them have charmed us with their keen insights into Jyte diverse marketplace, their creative and fun ideas, or their aggressive sales-y spirit.

We've been given a few proposals, now, and we shouldn't be so surprised. After all, many of the agents we've talked to have obviously worked together in the past. They mention common projects (one in particular must have employed every agent in the metropolitan area, an HP printer campaign to aggregate news to your networked printer each morning). Some of them even tell the same stories over again on our second meeting.

The thing is: they're all the same! There are little "cute" ideas here, a sweeping expensive project there. But they're the same. So, for your edification and to save some money on a lengthy communications degree, here's the PR campaign for tech company 101. Note: some of this information is derived from my work with the PR agency in Washington, DC who represented my former-and-now-bankrupt employer and is not meant to unfairly disparage the hard work of the nice people I've been meeting with.

Our special projects might include a press tour, a speakers program, or (wink) a blog. Actually, I'm the only one who introduced the blog idea save one particularly techie guy. More later when we officially engage someone...