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Is it imitation, or is it flattery? Is it theft, or is it coincidence? - August 2, 2004ó

Last night I was going through my very comprehensive "baby and parenting" topic in Jyte. (I'll include my queries below for your amusement.) I use it for fun, and for writing posts for .

Up popped this little gem from The Oregonian's travel section. It was eerily reminiscent of my Blogging Baby post on the same topic.

Just the fact, ma'am: here is the first line from the Oregonian article:

It's a toy. It's luggage. It's both.

and here is the headline from my post:

Itís a suitcase ... itís a car ... itís ...

Blogging Baby is meant to be a recap of the news elsewhere, but my headlines and my lead-in sentences are my very own constructs. I endeavor with all the creative writer bones in my body to make it clever and unique. And when I do quote, I attribute heavily, with links, blockquotes, and even thanks when I get the link from someone bloggity.

The timing is right - publication of my post was just distant enough for the author to have pulled my concept into her print deadline. And she copies it cheaply without getting my riff on Superman. Is it coincidence? Or do I have a flattering imitation on my hands?