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The birth of my niece coincides with the birth of my stories - July 13, 2004

My first niece, Nehalem Tsunami, was born around 11 p.m. July 10th. I spent the majority of the last 13 hours of my sister-in-law's 45-hour labor by her side, and as my brother and I were so close in childhood (we're 19 months apart, and look as alike as could be imagined), I felt an intimate connection to this birth.

The labor was far more difficult than any of us expected, and ended in a very unwelcome cesearean section. Two years ago almost to the day, I went through a similar experience with my son, Everett, so I was well-prepared to help Destiny through the difficult acceptance of major abdominal surgery.

Happily, the result for everyone was a healthy baby and mama. And the intense emotional environment spawned my own birth, the beginning of a book that's been forming in my head, a book devoted to birth stories. As the days of summer progress I'll be including my own birth story, and working to gather the stories of my friends and family and any of you out there, who might like to participate. The email address for this project is birthstories @ Part of the project will be to collect birth stories from different participants in one birth, from the mother, father, grandmother, midwife and friends. I'd love to hear from you - either to interview you, or to read your own transcription of the story.