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The "other" Sara Gilbert, or, stories without spellcheck - July 18, 2004

Sometimes I feel like "Michael Bolton" from Office Space, stuck with the name of a celebrity. Just like him, I don't want to change my name. Not so much because Sara Gilbert (who played Darlene on Roseanne, among other things) is "the one who sucks." In my case, I was Sarah Gilbert (note the "h" on my name) first - she's a few years younger than I.

In the past week, I've received four emails from people looking for Sara Gilbert. A post I made on Really Simple Syndication has a link to "email Sarah Gilbert" on the bottom. It must have just been scraped by the Googlebot, or something, because I'm getting all the fanatic mis-spellers.

The emails are all amusing, but I have to share the most precious one. Remember now: these are people who found me with a poorly spelled search...

I love Roseanne!You are my Faveorite Atoress on the show.I even visted the website online about 5,000 times I even memorized you charters and you personal info. on the website.Even though I'm only 10 I'm still your #1 fan.I've even goggle serch you and seen All your Pitchers online.If your in Houstonare anywere in Texas plese e-mail me.

Morgan Marie [deleted last name] your#1 fan

Isn't she just precious? I wonder where she found my pitchers. I thought I kept those all offline ;). Amusingly, the same day I received one of these emails, I had a "hit" on my Jyte search for my own name. It was a press release from the Wonderful World of Animation, among other things reporting on all the cool celebrities who had purchased memorabilia from the company. I emailed the press contact just to let her know that she had Sara's name spelled incorrectly. She emailed me back to thank me. In 12 words she spelled one wrong. hee hee.