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PR Blog Week followup, PDX style - July 19, 2004

Last week was the Global PR Blog Week, which coincided with my very own PR experience here in Stumptown. We at Jyte are investigating hiring an actual professional PR agent (or consultant, or whatever they're being called now).

Up until now, I've been doing the "PR" in a soft-serve, viral-style campaign, mostly via blog with a little bit of email thrown in for good measure. No press releases. No banner ads. Just good old-fashioned pavement hitting, blog style.

You could say it has been working. Or you could say it hasn't. In any case, we need to get way more aggressive. We know our product is better than the rest of the ones out there...better than Newsgator, better than Bloglines, better than NetNewsWire. Not many journalists or pundits, however, have learned this important fact.

But this isn't about Jyte. It's about Portland, and public relations, and blogs. You see, I tried to find a simple list of the PR agencies in Portland that specialized in technology companies. Maybe it's my Google query, or my terminology, but I came up with precious little. Are Portland PR agents not Googlicious? Say it isn't so.

I found two firms right away in my search, Waggoner Edstrom, the primary representative for Microsoft, and Revolution PR, a small independent firm with a lot of tech experience. And I found a comprehensive alphabetical list. Naturally, due to the ebbs and flows of the Googlebot tide, when I do the search today? I find more Portland technology PR results.

But the problem remains: no simple list of technology PR firms exists so far that I could find, and no easy way to sort through the web confusion. Part of the issue is that PR is essentially a referral business. If a client doesn't have a referrer, they are left, like me, to either (a) call all the big guys and be ceremoniously referred out or (b) start going through the list alphabetically, calling everyone.

Choosing (b) means getting (a) as well, of course. Here, now loosely categorized, is a list of Portland PR firms that I called, and what I learned. I have also added in some comments from bloggity friends.