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Neighborhood involvement gets another voice on BlueOregon - July 20, 2004

So, we've all discovered BlueOregon, even though their "official" launch isn't until July 26. One of their contributors, Jason Evans, has a nice piece on neighborhood involvement.

There is a fascinating mix of folks on the board of our neighborhood association. The level of involvement is interesting as well. There is always one person who is willing to take on everything with a smile and a handshake, business men and women, a couple of angry men who really just like complaining about every little change without offering any helpful input on how to deal with growth, the lady who keeps the checkbook and does a fabulous job with it and the retirees who attend several local policy meetings and hearings held during the weekdays. I am enjoying the privilege of working with these good folks.

Hear, hear, Jason. I've been trumpeting the community involvement horn for a while now, and recently became a member of my own neighborhood association board. My board is very different from Jason's - instead of being a wide variety of mostly older community members, ours is all young, and all but me have very civic-minded professions, such as planning positions with Metro.

Jason's neighborhood seems very active, diverse and involved. Ours is pretty active, but a lot less diverse, a little less involved. But we're doing cool things. Jason got to judge an elementary school writing contest. I got to volunteer at my neighborhood wading pool. You can do everything we are and more... check into your favorite local neighborhood blog (like mine, or my buddy Olivia's), find out more, get involved.