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Bunches of Gmail invites available in exchange for small, creative tokens of appreciation - June 21, 2004

Today I received a fresh new batch of Gmail invites. I've exhausted my patience with the very cool Gmail Swap - people have ceased offering things that I might actually want, no matter how small, and are now focused on offering things no one wants: undying gratitude or some other way of saying thanks, pictures of things I don't care to see, altruistic deeds for people I don't know, naming rights for pets and babies, jokes that I might not get, and postcards, bad poems, attribution in strange places, promises of sacrifice, weird secrets, love, and other things.

What is missing from the list, or usually snapped up before I have a chance to shoot off an invite, are those creative, useful, easily "shipped" things that I actually want. An old family secret recipe - cheesecake, or abelskeivers, or Cincinnati chili. An awesome digital photo of someplace I can't get easily - like the amazing 360 degree panorama of Paris at night someone sent me. Or a small token of the place you live - maple sugar from Montreal, a paring knife from Switzerland (where they make amazing knives), a 10,000 lire note from Italy, the business card from a trendy restaurant in London, or a little package of dried morels.

That's what I want in exchange for these invites. If anyone can think of something with very little tangible value, but that I'll love, let me know at sarahgilbert [at] gmail [dot] com. I'll send you an invite immediately.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention, however, that Big IMAP gives you a lot more value than any Gmail invite - more storage, IMAP support, and no ads. There is a 30-day free trial if you want to check it out ;)