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My contribution to Dave Winer's "Bootstrapped" directory of aggregators - June 7, 2004

Dave Winer, in his cool "Really Simple Syndication" site, wrote an invitation to review our favorite aggregators.

Like any good "friend of Jyte," I wrote a review there. Here is an excerpt (full post is now here):

Jyte is a news reader designed using the theories of RSS but with an interface that even the non-techie user can understand. Jyte uses "continuous searches" rather than "feeds" as the organizing concept. (Robin Good called them "news fountains", which I kind of like :)


I use Jyte because it lets me keep current with all the news that interests me on the web without having to endlessly re-visit my favorite Google searches. No longer do I have to go back and type my ex-boyfriend's name in Google to see if he's changed jobs or gotten married; my "old boyfriend" search with his and a few other names alerts me to any news on the ex front. It's also great to keep up with news for which there is no pre-designed category, like breastfeeding or reviews of my current favorite locally-produced film, "What the BLEEP Do We Know."

I can also keep up with the scuttlebutt in my favorite blogs, and follow the trends (I have a very funny "Gmail Invite" query). I'm definitely biased in favor of Jyte (I'm connected to the company that produces it), but I've tested all the other major aggregators, with a critical but open mind. Jyte really is the cleanest, simplest, and easiest to use. It has some clear advantages for my purposes with the ability to keep articles and the continuous search capability. It was built with the news junkie in mind, and it really comes through.

Are you, too, a friend of Jyte? We all love Dave Winer and I would love to have you create your own review biased to your point of view. You can create your own review here, you'll have to become a member of the site first. I'll thank you with ... umm ... some delicious cookies?