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Jyte now searches 1000s of feeds from blogs and other sources that offer RSS or Atom syndication, allows you to add your own RSS feed, and thanks to some feedback from eager users, has an OPML file import. For those of you who don't know what OPML is (I didn't until a few days ago) it is, according to the OPML site:

In even more plain language, OPML is a way to save you from re-typing your RSS subscriptions when you start using Jyte instead of your old, plain RSS reader. If you need help exporting your OPML file, check out the OPML site or shoot me an email and I'll see if one of our engineers can help.

Some really cool bug fixes: adding new searches that have already been created by anyone using Jyte will now immediately backfill with articles matching that search. Same is true for RSS/Atom feeds that already exist in our database. Try this search:

and see how quickly Jyte fills you in. Another bug fix: if you try to add a feed that doesn't exist, or is too broad, or spelled incorrectly, it shouldn't timeout or cause a crash. Check back here in a week or two for our MUCH more robust feed finder. I can't divulge many details, but in the RSS/Atom world, it will be newsworthy.