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So, I'm an eager marketing gal and I've been posting around the web (as some of you know), evangelizing about Jyte. I'm trying to be topical and polite, because I want to be trusted, and I understand there are a lot of unwritten rules out here.

OK, this is where it gets tough. The rules are unwritten. I usually know when I have screwed up...I left what I thought was a polite and useful post on Dave Pollard's fantastic blog, but I had a refresh delay problem that I errantly thought was a mouse problem, and posted four times. Ewww! I hate that. I sent a private email to him apologizing.

So, what's the protocol here guys? Should I have posted once more to the comment list apologizing? Or is that spamming spam? What is the etiquette for this?

It makes it even worse, I'm sure, that I haven't yet installed comment-ability in my blog. So, if you email me, I promise to include your comments in an entry later this evening (after Everett goes to bed...). I could really use some feedback. We need and Emily Post of the blogosphere! Is there one out there?

Aalia Wayfare commented that it might be worth "dropping a one liner into the place where you left the multiple comments and just say Oops! :0)" and "As for the lack of etiquette guidance I just think that everyone's playing it by ear.  Even Danah Boyd who's blog led me to you, has a recent post on it bemoaning the dilemma of when to give attribution to information you found via someone else's blog... let me know if anyone finds a good "Emily Post" guide but when I searched all I could find were lots of conflicting opinions and one post wishing that someone would step up write one..."