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So far we haven't come across a guide to blog etiquette anywhere on the 'osphere. So how about if I start one here? I'll use my constant survey of blog behavior and any comments from readers or links I find elsewhere. There is a lot of ground to cover here, including comment behavior, as I blogged about on Friday, attribution of posts (frequency, style, etc.), lists of other bloggers, personal messages on blogs, revealing company information on blogs, profanity, sex, photos, and more.

Here's my teaser, my observation regarding attribution: if you are blogging about a specific post on someone else's blog or on a news site, you should ALWAYS include the link in the text of your post (could be an a href or simply a typed link). Linking to the appropriate permalink seems to be more commonly done than linking to the "front page" of a blog. However, when adding a link behind someone's name or the name of the blog, typically the front page is the one referenced. Using the capitalization style of the source site shows attention to detail and respect.

My mama friends have been asking me to make a new etiquette guide for mamas, too...I'll include some mama etiquette as I have time.