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JYTE is the news software my company has been working on for almost a year now. It's finally been released and I'm so caught up in marketing it that I just have to share some of the great bits.

If you're a dedicated techy, you will have heard of RSS, and seen the headlines - "Next Big Thing" and "The Coming Revolution" but also a "Big Success in Danger of Failure" and "Not Ready for Mainstream." In an extremely simplified definition, RSS is a way of distributing news of any kind (online newspaper, magazine articles, blog entries, etc.). Using a "reader", either internet-based or downloaded onto your computer, you "subscribe" to RSS "feeds" that update you frequently on what the new headlines are. Typically the information that is transmitted via RSS feeds includes a headline, date of publication, author and article summary, along with some other technical data.

RSS is cool for a lot of reasons that matter to you techy people. It doesn't take up a lot of bandwidth. It keeps you up-to-date on the important news or discussions without having to visit all the links in your "favorites" folder. It puts everything in one place (the reader) without the user having to go get it. It's better than email newsletters because it's already categorized (by feed, or source) and doesn't take up room in your inbox.

When I started writing the specs for this application, I learned a lot about RSS, as did the engineers. We all took what we had learned and used a lot of the same ideas to make Jyte.

So, there are RSS readers that do these things. Our core idea is different in a really important way. This is what makes Jyte the real "Revolution Next Big Thing Mainstream Success" and makes the other thing pale in comparison:

Jyte lets you create "searches" that categorize your articles BEFORE they arrive in your reader

You don't have to slog through dozens, or hundreds, of feeds to find what articles interest you today. You don't have to build complex search filters into your reader to find the news you want. The news you want, about anything, appears neatly categorized by search. No going to google. No refining your search terminology only to forget it the next time. It's all right there and you can read it in the Jyte window.

There are a lot more features about Jyte that totally set it apart. But that will give you a it now, for free, and let me know what you think.