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Big IMAP offers gigabytes of email and cool domains too - May 14, 2004

This week was big for me, as both of the products I've been working on launched. Big IMAP offers IMAP mailboxes from 514 MB to 3 GB, for $10 to $20 per month, including aliases, filters, SpamAssassin and the ability to use your own domain.

What makes Big IMAP stand out from the rest? Firstly, it is the cheapest IMAP mail service, per megabyte, commercially available (and we're talking cheapest by a mile). It puts the IMAP protocol within the reach of individuals, even for those who don't understand how to work an IMAP server. You can see my earlier post on "why you need IMAP". The short answer: it allows you to synchronize all your email information on all your computers, it is more efficient, and you can work offline just as easy as online.