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Going to see Clifford - May 23, 2004

The Illusionaire posted a story about "handling" the Clifford character in her blog. She wasn't working Sunday when we went to see Clifford ourselves.

My son's reaction to Clifford is what you'd probably expect of a little guy suddenly faced with a large red dog - excitement mixed with terror.

Right when we arrived, we had to go downstairs from the playroom to get our picture taken with someone dressed up in a big Clifford suit. Evidently there are rules for Clifford: one is, he can't talk.

So there is Clifford, waiting for Everett to sit on his lap for a photo, and Everett is petrified. He won't go any closer than two arms' length away. He gets excited, starts running towards Clifford ('kiffod! kiffod!' he says), then stops short. No amount of me telling him it's OK or Clifford waving dramatically with his big red paws will get Everett to sit on his lap.

We finally take the picture, and it's awful - Clifford looks like he's trying to attack us, I have this REALLY contorted expression as I try to hold Everett a little closer and make him look at the camera, Everett is reaching away and his shirt is around his armpits because I'm holding him around the chest. And still they spend 5 minutes waving the Polaroid in the air so we can take the picture away properly exposed. Do you really think this is going in the baby book?

everett struggling to get away from the big scary loving Clifford