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WSJ fame is a little different than the dream - May 24, 2004

Isn't life ironic. Today, in the Wall Street Journal, was an article about this "new" RSS technology. As I'm marketing an RSS reader, Jyte, I tried to sell the reporter on our product when he interviewed me months ago.

The reporter, a nice Scandanavian man, was pretty clueless about RSS at the time so I patiently explained the niceties to him, and described how great Jyte was in comparison to the others. Of course, we were still in beta mode at the time, but I thought he would at least mention the name of the product. I even got him an interview with an RSS "success story," one of Jyte's engineers.

So Marcus Lillkvist had his article published today, and I finally got my long-sought-after mention in the Wall Street Journal. So did Brian, my co-worker, with the much-desired lead-in quote. It just wasn't quite how I imagined.

I'm introduced as "Sarah Gilbert, mother of a toddler." Well, ok, that's true and all, but not the reason I was hoping to be quoted. My dream went more along the lines of, "Sarah Gilbert, chief something-or-other of the brilliant startup."

Mr. Lillkvist at least mentions our company, in the next sentence, with "Ms. Gilbert, a co-worker of Mr. Ellin's at software firm Janrain Inc., also uses RSS to scan the Web for job listings for her unemployed husband, and for garage sales in the family's Portland neighborhood." You didn't have to go THERE! He got a job thanks to my RSS work. It would have been nice for Marcus to follow my poor much-maligned husband is Mr. "unemployed" for posterity.

Oh well, I suppose now I'll have to work extra hard to make sure the next mention is a little closer to the dream (and mentions my husband's gainful employment, at least). You can Jyte, it's free after all or create an IMAP account up to 3 gigabytes at Big IMAP. Let's all work together to make my dream come true ;)