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Laughing Out Loud - wow, again? - May 4, 2004

Has there been a new strain of email virus that contains laughing gas? Or, to quote The Princess Bride, is it that "I don't think that means what you think it means"? All I know is that people are LOL at things that are decidedly not laughable.

A quick review of an email group that I belong to has people Laughing Out Loud at comments like, "I haven't done that in years!LOL" and "that's the one with lots of shade LOL." My husband reports that his MSN backgammon partners frequently make comments like, "good move LOL."

All I know is that I want some of what they ordered, if life is just SO FUNNY that we're LOL-ing every other sentence. In my world, things rarely get more giddy than ;)'s or [giggle]'s.