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Slow blogging, but not slow on thinking - October 2, 2004

I haven't been blogging on cafe mama much, but I've sure been thinking a lot about it. My Blogging Baby posts, and my cool mama conversations, have really been getting me thinking.

For one thing, there's the whole obesity/junk food in schools issue. Our children's terrible eating habits and lack of exercise are creating a health crisis. The incomparable Alice Waters has an idea: get schoolchildren, from the earliest opportunity, in the garden and in the kitchen. Make it a part of the curriculum, like PE or history. I think it's a fabulous idea.

Which reminds me of the great child care Olivia found: it gets kids involved in raising chickens, organic gardening, and cooking - and it sounds wonderful. Can't we all have a Farm in the City to send our kids to?

Then there's my adopt-a-mama idea - that pregnant first-timers should be adopted by a slightly wiser mama (one who's been through childbirth and the first year already). It would be the entry point to building community (my all-the-time theme), and the mama would give all the advice that no one else did - not about what or what not to eat or breathe or pack for the hospital, but how to deal, that it's ok to be really sad after the baby is born, that it's normal for your breasts to hurt like they're on fire when your milk comes in, that it's ok to hate your in-laws for a few months after the birth of their grandchild/niece or nephew. The adoptive mama would be the bridge between the mama community and the mama pledge.

I've got lots more ideas cooking up here in my head. And I want to do a rave on how the FDA makes random bans on foods that don't have big lobbies, without explaining, for instance, why albacore tuna from the seafood counter has more mercury than canned tuna. Whatever - they're fished the same way and they swim in the same waters, but canned tuna has a lobby and albacore doesn't.

But, all these things will have to just cook, 'cause I'm busy with my cool job, my nausea and exhaustion, my knitting (sorry no link 'cause I've hardly blogged about it at all), and my adorable sweet son. When I'm not so exhausted, when I get more efficient, when I turn my sweetie back to childcare (ohh!), I'll be writing more.