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A few of my many ideas spelled out - September 14, 2004

I'm trying to get it all down on ... well, not paper. Server and laptop, I suppose. First there is the play cafe @ cafe mama, which finally makes its home here. I'll be adding more ideas, drawings, details and other fun things eventually.

The next is the writing. I'd like to start writing a column targeted toward my demographic - the hip mama, the young parent, the organic ones who are still in love with their kids and pregnant all the time. OK, you dragged it out of me - I'm pregnant again. There's no time like the present, hmmm?

This column is born for print...any of you local guys interested? It would chronicle my life as a mama in Portland, and all the other lives that I learn about. It would delve deeply into what it's like to be a pregnant PDX-er, in search of community, in search of knowledge, in search of the right preschool. It would be personal and witty, chock-full of information and insights into the local parents who are trying to change the world.

You want it, don't you? Can't you see the advertising opportunities - doulas, pre-natal yoga classes, preschools, kids' resale shops, everyone would have a ready-made audience. Advertising sales would skyrocket. You all would be happy, too, that you get to listen to someone like me (after all, you're reading this, so I'm assuming you like my style).

I'm going to start by emailing some selected Sandy Rowe at the Big O (srowe @ and Connie Pickett from the Tribune (503-546-5167). Wish me luck, or if you're really a mama fan, lobby on my behalf ;).