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Life as an at-home mama - September 14, 2004

I have loads of good mama friends who are at-home moms, but I never thought I'd join the ranks. SAHM next to "Hi, I'm Sarah, I'm a ..." just gives me shivers. Not to mention the student loan bills that stay home with me. (ummm...I have an Ivy League MBA, it's pricey!)

But there is a joy in parenting a two-year-old in a way that my short stint as the at-home mama of an infant never achieved. I was distracted, I had no cool writing job, I was spinning my wheels.

What if I could support myself on blogging alone? Or, at the very least, pick up another writing job that paid a few thousand a month? That's my ideal stay-at-home scenario. I adore my suddenly-found lifestyle - flexible, busy, always connected, zany and with plentiful opportunities for me to share my opinions. I like not paying for child care, and for having a lot of impact over Everett's interactions with other kids. I like choosing his friends, his playthings, his schedule.

Of course, I also like my house and my car, and would like to keep them along with their accessories (you know, power, gas, water, cable, insurance and the like). If I work at it, I can find a middle ground.