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becoming a slashfoodie - August 20, 2005

About 10 days ago, I started writing a whole lot more about food. I was lucky to be one of several writers contributing to the pre-launch goodness of slashfood, the newest and yummiest blog in the network. If you're wondering, slashfood (or "/food") is a play off the name of a famous tech geeks' metablog, slashdot. We're calling ourselves "slashfoodies" and, never mind if you don't get it. You'll still like the content, which is a combination of edgy and lux, veggie and carnivorous, quirky and yummy, science and pure fun.

This exercise has been pure unadulterated fun. My best buddie Jaime will remember our trip to Ireland, where I took photos of all the food, determined to write an article for Gourmet or Conde Nast or something. I've always secretly and not-so-secretly dreamed of being a food writer. I've started two, or three, or four cookbooks. I even printed one on my office printer at First Union (hope they don't come after me for the printing costs) and bound it using our old manual-punch binder. It was lovely, and I almost hate to look at it now because I was so naive.

I can remember any number of important moments in my life as a "slashfoodie," which start somewhere around age nine when I first got involved in breadmaking, and tasted my first raw milk and licked its cream off a spoon, to my first lesson in proper vegetable chopping technique at the Riverplace Cafe & Deli when I was 17. (Thanks Sysco sales guy!) There was the first cookbook I read cover-to-cover, planning out my meals days in advance, budgeting every penny so I could buy smoked mozzarella and real butter. (I still cook out of that cookbook, although most of it is committed to memory.) And my first lesson in emulsification, and my first creme brulee, and the incomparable meal in Varese, Italy, at my dear friend Aliza's Italian wedding reception.

I plan to write about many of them over at Slashfood, and many more of them here. If you'd rather just read my posts, you can find them here. I'm experimenting with my food photography, too, and I'll post many of the results here soon.