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mom takes best photo in history of boykind - August 28, 2005

I'm not one to toot my own horn. Wait - no, I am! And you would too if you'd taken this picture:

I took this last week in the upstairs room I'm calling the "yoga room." It's where my sewing machine and all my crafty supplies have been relocated, and the boys love to hang out there. The light is fantastic, I took many of my pregnant photos in the same room. I now have a quilt spread over the floor for Truman to lie on and Everett to jump over him, giving me heart attacks several times each quarter-hour. Truman was looking so cute and Everett was rolling around barely letting Truman escape with his organs intact. I told Everett to put his head by Truman's and this is what happened.

I've taken hundreds of rolls of photos in my life, and dozens of pictures of Truman and Everett have brought tears to my eyes. This is the best, though, the best I've ever taken.