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happy blog birthday to me! - February 28, 2005

What d'ya know? A year and a day ago, I posted my first item to this blog. It seems more than a year, maybe a decade? An aeon?

I couldn't have imagined, when I began, what amazing things this year - and this blog - would have brought me. Many of them were amazing-bad, and many more were amazing-good. I've endured a miscarriage, the birth of my first niece, a rocky pregnancy that seems to be nearly at its end, the rise and fall of my mama's group, the reconnection with many old friends and the forging of many great new friendships. I never would have believed that this blog would be, not the vehicle to great success in my last job, but possibly what brought my last job to its end. And the conduit to my current job. And the launch into a career as a "professional" blogger. I never would have imagined that my husband would lose 40 pounds and complete his Army training by my blog-aversary.

This blog has offered me many opportunities I wouldn't have envisioned, but most of all, it has allowed me to connect to so many mamas, around the country and around my beloved hometown. It's how I stay in touch with my old friends and how I make new ones. It's where I get my context and my needed ego-boosts. It's where I vent and where I expand my horizons.

In a year I've gone from just a mama to "cafe mama." For those of you who have met me through my blogging, I have to say, it's been wonderful to get to know you. For those of you who just hang out and watch - thanks for caring enough to read my words without any provocation whatsoever, I hope that I've given you what you came here for, whether information, reinforcement, or a cute photo of a pregnant belly. For my friends who come here to stay in touch with my life, I love you guys! And I'm glad to be able to provide this living newsletter.

What will the next year bring? I can't imagine, but I hope it will include a healthy baby boy, a new job for my husband, a beautiful wedding in Panama for my sister Jenny, a new location for my indoor park, happiness and productivity in my latest "day" job, the start of preschool for Everett, and...fame and fortune? A book deal? Who knows. I can dream.

What I've learned this year: it's good to talk about things publically, even those things that you bite your lip when you look back and think, darn, could I have prevented that if I'd just kept my thoughts to myself? I've made a few people angry (unintentionally), and more than a few uncomfortable. I'm happy to remove anything that you find intrudes on your privacy, especially as my blog becomes more popular. But those things that simply intrude on my own privacy? Sharing those things, while sometimes embarrassing or potentially damning, is a fantastic way of dealing with them. I appreciate this outlet, and hope you can, too.