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My crazy life - January 14, 2005

If you haven't checked out the baby blog in a while, you really should head on over. My life has been ultra-crazy in the past several weeks.

You've heard about how I'd like to be a writer, hmmm? Well, I had come to the conclusion that non-fiction was the style for me. God seems to agree, as he has been throwing all kinds of bizarre plots my way.

In the last two weeks I have kissed my tearful husband goodbye as he headed back to his Army training (twice), driven 2500 miles in a five-day span, attended my mother-in-law's funeral, watched as my brother-in-law was punched by his fiancee for (get this) trying to mourn his mom's death, spent 13 hours in a Las Vegas hospital in the worst pain I've ever felt, almost lost my baby only two weeks before "viability," washed vomit out of my hair in a gas station/casino combo, and gone on bedrest.

Everything is, relatively, ok, now. Both of my sons - the one who's inside and the one who's just really close - are strong and healthy. My husband graduated from BCT (that's basic combat training, to you civilians) this morning, missing us, but proud. He'll be home in a not-really-short seven weeks, and he promises not to be mad if the place is a mess. I have an income, bosses who are indulgent of my crises, and lots of family and friends who are looking out for me. I have all kinds of good things to eat in the fridge and a bunch of cozy jammies to wear.

Life is good. But life is, most definitely, crazy.