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what about my baby book? - January 25, 2005

I'm starting to envision Truman's baby book. I hated the cutesyness of Everett's baby book, and how it limited me to its subjects and ideas. I'm going to use this extended (and to-be-revised) blog post as a workbook for my giganormous project. And you, my blog public, can help!

I've been looking through my scrapbooking, design and Martha mags for some ideas and I came up with a layout from an article in (what else) the February Martha Stewart Living. I bought a slightly damaged 12x12 scrapbook that I plan on recovering and expanding. Here's my two-page layout idea:

I think I'm going to title the book, "making truman." Does it sound a little too much like I'm God? Who knows. My real question is, what to put in it?

My first two-page layout will be (as shown above), Mom and Dad ... meet sarah and jonathan. Here's the idea for the "collage" spread:

Enough with the pretty talk. Let's get to work.