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new-mama cravings - July 4, 2005

It's a little past 1 a.m. and I'm sitting at my computer with my cravings finally satisfied. I've been dealing with a wicked sugar-butter-chocolate craving, nothing can feed it in quite the right way.

I couldn't figure out what cookie, or cake, or pie, or sweet beverage would fix it. Until Thursday, when one of the women involved with the indoor park casually mentioned her "cocoa ball" cookies.

Immediately I could taste them, a cookie my sisters and I made hundreds of times growing up. I could remember standing on one leg, crane-like, in the kitchen, rolling those balls of buttery, chocolatey goodness into their powdered-sugar coating. I could remember the creamy satisfaction of the cocoa, butter, sugar and oat mixture.

And most of all, I could remember the instant gratification of these cookies: no cooking, no baking. It took me a good 15 minutes on Google to find a reasonable facsimile of the recipe (my downfall: I searched for "no-cook" and "no-bake" along with "cocoa" and "oatmeal" and only came up with my other family favorite, the cocoa peanut butter haystack, which requires cooking, but no baking).

And now I'm sated, for now. And I have a big bowl of cookies in the kitchen waiting for my next craving (read: my next breastfeeding jag). I've altered the recipe to make it a little more protein-rich and (of course) I've used the caffeinated version. Here it is, variously known as cocoa butter balls; no-cook cocoa balls; no-bake cookies; and chocolatey deliciousness. And here is me, eating ball #4.