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An announcement of a birthday or two - May 1, 2005

April 28th will be an even more happy day in my family from here forward. On that day in 1973, my husband was born. In 2005, we welcomed Truman Thomas Hanson into the world outside my belly.

The birth was frustrating, glorious, painful and joyful. You can find the whole story here (ummm, soon).

He was seven pounds, seven ounces at birth (just like his brother), 19.5 inches long, with a full head of soft black-brown hair and steel-blue eyes. He's fantastically cute, and we expect him to be a blonde curly-headed ball of muscle, also just like Everett. He's eating like crazy, and he has this special sense of zen that is all his own.

We picked the name "Truman" in honor of the president, and because it means "loyal" and "honest," and because we liked the way it sounds. "Thomas" is my dad's name. Truman and I are still recovering in Emanuel hospital as I write this. I'll be home by tomorrow, however, and will be showing off my new treasure 'round town in no time.