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the one in which i am so, so sorry for neglecting you - November 26, 2005

I apologize, really I do. I've started and not-quite-finished five or 10 posts on my various personal blogs. In the meantime, I've posted some 400 entries on Blogging Baby, /food, and TV Squad. Most recently, I've begun "meta-posting" on the Weblogs, Inc. main page.

I've had friends email me and ask if I'm ok - and long-lost classmates find me and wonder what I'm up to. They certainly can't read this blog to find out! You have been emailing me with preschool information, and asking me about a business plan for Play Cafe. I really want to write you back, I really want to update the pages and expand my business plan to make it available to everyone.

I'm fine. I'm just busy. Next week, I start life with babysitter, and I'm bound and determined to create a schedule which allows me to both complete my blogging at an ever-breaknecking pace, and also carve out an hour or two a day for personal writing.

So expect better things from me. Expect me to update my woefully old blogroll, and add in new photos, and finally complete all those half-written posts. And expect more content here. I want to talk about child-friendly coffee shops in Portland, for one, and rave about baked goods all over the city. I want to post lots of new recipes and photos of lots of old ones. I want to talk about my visit to New York, and plan for future travels.

Off I go to be more productive. And thanks for hanging in there. And I love you all.