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cafe au play, on the road and in the news . april 20 . 2006

Cafe au Play is in the news today. Here's a link to OregonLive's version of the article but I much prefer seeing it in the "real" paper so I can skip the ads and see the photos. It was on the front page of the Living section today! Woohoo.

Before I show you the scans I made (for your viewing pleasure; you can click on each one to see the lifesize images), a plea.

You see, a few times a week, some of you readers email me. You say, where is this Cafe au Play? and why is it taking so long? and I want one so so badly in my neighborhood! now! and some of you seem angry.

Don't be mad. Do good. You can help. You can make a huge difference. Over the next few weeks I'll be talking about ways you can contribute. But first, easiest, right now, you can give money. How much?

We're looking to raise $70,000 by winter. The sooner we raise the money, the sooner we open. The sooner we have the truly child-friendly, mom-friendly, dad-friendly, babysitter-friendly coffee shop. With pastries and lattes and pillows on the floor and a little place to put your coffee cup while you play with your baby and a big place for your toddler to run. Parking for strollers and no waiting to pay while your child melts down. Yoga for wild children and talking circles and understanding and acceptance.

If you can give $50, that's a start. If you can give $100, we only need 700 of you. If you can give $1,000, and just five of you do that, we could start shopping for a lease! Tomorrow! $10,000 buys us fancy perfect beautiful coffee machines - all of them - that would allow us to serve Stumptown coffee. You want to give more? Wow. Please, please, please call me.

Use that button to give money via PayPal (just mention that you're giving for Cafe au Play in the subject) or call me at 503. 708. 5759 and I'll give you a place to send a check. You realize we're going to change the world, right?