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it's launch-ilicious . april 26 . 2006

Today (well, it's almost yesterday now) is my anniversary. My wonderful husband and I have been married three whole years now. And no time has his love, patience and ability to distract our boys with chocolate and the National Geographic Channel been tested to such a great extent.

It's all for a good cause, though. Today at midnight - right now, if you're up late like me and reading this - I launched a whole new network of stock blogs, Blogging Stocks. It's a partnership between Weblogs, Inc. and AOL Money & Finance. We're covering a universe of eight stocks to begin with: Apple (AAPL), eBay (EBAY), General Electric (GE), Google (GOOG), Microsoft (MSFT), Time Warner (TWX), Wal-Mart (WMT), and Yahoo! (YHOO). I'll be launching a few more each month from here on out until we're happy.

It's been wild and fun and a total bloggity high to work on this project for the past few months, and I've continued to be amazed at how cool it is that (a) I found a job that so perfectly matched my skills, experience, education and passion and (b) I get to do it all from home (and a few local coffee shops, hi Gladstone Coffee!). And I'd go into more about how this stock blog concept so perfectly fills a huge gap between mainstream finance media (occasionally analytical but largely bor-ing and a constant regurgitation of the same wire stories) and the finance message boards (which are barely, if at all, a step up from the e-mails I get around this time of night with subjects like, "Financial Market Trader watch special PR news release").

But instead of launching into that pitch, I'll let you view the site itself in all its launch-iliciousness.