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now the photoLast week about this time, I was staying up late helping my sister and babysitter clean house. We organized, we mopped, we vacuumed, we carefully arranged books that showed my good taste and hip-ness with Brit culture, we took down the Christmas cards and put up summery photos on the bulletin board. And the kitchen? We cleaned until it sparkled.

It was a really, really good cause. The BBC was coming. Actually, it was the BBC Two, and its Newsnight program. We had a wonderful time with Vara and Sayeeda Warsi (she's vice chair of the conservative party, which is way cool), we shopped, we rode the bus, we chatted. And, most importantly, we made coffee, in my spotless kitchen.

I know I have some British readers (hi Ali!), and I hope you'll watch and tell me if my house doesn't look totally ratty. Because we worked hard cleaning up for y'all.

Update: It seems as if the foiled terrorists' plot to blow up airplanes with liquid explosives, also foiled the plans to air our segment. I'll let you know when/if it finally airs!

Update again: here's the link!

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