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state fair knitalong update: in over my head with knitting and sewing and baking, oh. MY. . august 13 . 2006

all kinds of knittingI saw Larissa's photo about sending off her state fair entry form. Ooops ... I thought. My form hadn't even been downloaded from the website yet.

That day I downloaded my form. I have so much time! I thought, PHEW. The entry wasn't due for three more days.

Cut to three days later, 3 p.m. I learned, much to my relief, that I wasn't going to have to drive it down to Salem -- it could be faxed. 95 minutes later, my machine finished its transmission, a whopping 24 minutes before the entry deadline.

So now you want to see my form, do you? Well, I'm afraid even to look at it, myself, because it will only prove how ridiculously behind schedule I am. With three days until the finished products need to be handed over, I haven't even decided which item will go in which category.

i went a little overboard with my entries ... cupcakes? what was i thinking?My mind is overwhelmed with questions (will my pixie hat go in "hat" or "Original item deisgned by exhibitor"? And what will go in the then-empty category? Will my "Blanket, child's" be the blessing way wrap with which I'm nearly (ahem, if "nearly" means "I still have to figure out how to attach the five strips, and with what, probably an eight-hour project") finished -- technically designed for an adult, mind you -- or something else entirely? Will I use lick lick for the "Toy, stuffed" or make a new toy? And when the heck am I going to find time to finish my miniature quilt, pieced, for which I've only completed a dozen or so 1" squares? Exactly how miniature will this poor quilt be?).

In the next three days, then, I have to do 20 or so hours of handicrafts, while I help my family recover from a cold, create a report due in the meeting in New York (I leave at midnight Wednesday, about a day after my handicrafts are due at Mill Ends), do lots of Hood-to-Coast training to catch up on my laziness from the past few weeks, and partially wean Truman, since after all, I don't want to repeat the agony of March's business trip.

I'm in over my head, as usual. But it's a good in-over-my-head, I suppose, and heck -- I just finished my pretty reds-of-all-kinds wrap! Should that be my "original item"? And who wants to come over for an all-night knitting party? Anyone?

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