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state fair update: listy wisty (with photos) . august 22 . 2006

all my pretty entriesI know, you're probably wondering, so how did Sarah do on her state fair craft-stravaganza? Did she ever decide what went where? Most importantly, just how tiny was that miniature quilt? Even if you weren't, guess what? I'm going to tell all.

Getting ready for the state fair was a heroine's journey, if, that is, you like your heroines unshowered, strung out on Stumptown's finest Guatemalan beans, and running on a few hours' sleep. It was a crazy time, as I was preparing for a business trip to New York (including a presentation to my boss assigned at the last minute), thinking about doing last-minute training for the Hood-to-Coast (more on that later), and oh, I don't know, raising children? Working?

The night before the fair entries were due, I invited Larissa over to craft together, enlisting my husband to remove the children for the evening. She wrote about it here ... needless to say, much of my time was spent removing scissors from the general area of Truman's eyes. I'd finished Licklick, my reds-of-all-kinds shawl, and Truman's pixie hat but for the weaving in. All that was left to do: make a quilt. When all I had was a few teensy squares and lots of great ideas. And decide whether I'd enter one of my existing "creations" in the animal/toy, stuffed category, and whether I'd try to sprint to the finish with the blanket whose strips were waiting on the table next to my desk.

Larissa and I had a lovely time, and I stayed up late piecing together the majority of my miniature quilt. The next day, I finished up work early so I could meet Larissa (by bike! training remember) at Abundant Yarn for a marathon finishing session. I weaved in ends and then I began the hand-quilting... which was very, very slow. I kept looking at my watch and counting down the hours, then minutes, until we'd have to leave to make Mill Ends before the 6 p.m. entry deadline.

Larissa had to stop by the post office, and I finished the final edges of the quilt in the car in the parking lot, and then as we drove to Mill Ends, a whopping 12 minutes before the deadline. And the best part? We weren't even the last people to turn in our goodies. There were at least two behind us.

Here's a rundown of my entries:

If you read my entry form carefully, you'd know: I'm also entering cookies (drop, chocolate chip, Class No. 446, Lot No. 04) and cupcakes (Class No. 445, Lot No. 10). But hey! They're not due 'til next week. Expect more stories of baking to come, and perhaps I'll finally avenge my blue ribbon (should have been purple!) from the Beaverhead County State Fair, circa 1984. Ish. YES. I do hold grudges. (Updated to add: I never had time to bake on Tuesday night because of the suddenly-scheduled-launch of That's Fit. Oh well. Next year.)

See you at the state fair!

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