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fit for blogging . august 23 . 2006

i am your new hooping expert, and best of all -- i can use these great photos!I'm in charge of an ever-more-dizzying number of blogs at Weblogs, Inc., and I can never decide which is my favorite. As your resident overachiever, I find I flit from specialty to specialty, one day thinking myself the ultimate expert on the debate between feminists and stay-at-home mamas, the next, cupcakes. From state fair knitting to Tri-met riding, I'm willing to give my uniquely passionate-and-wacky perspective.

It won't surprise you, knowing me like you do, to hear that today my expertise is somewhere new. Because today Weblogs, Inc. launched a new healthy living blog called "That's Fit" (all the news that's fit, get it? ahh, obscure journalism comedy, it's the best kind). I'm finding new areas of niche knowledge, like hooping and hangover cures. But my favorite posts for the blog are what's called my "One Small Step" feature, where I talk about little things you (and I) can do to change the world, slowly.

Larissa is there, too, and I particularly like her "Road to Fitville" feature about her journey to lose her pregnancy weight and train for the upcoming urbanMamasRun at the Hood-to-Coast.

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