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knitalong wrapalong travelalong . december 16. 2006

When the season turns to winter, and you hop on planes, trains and minivans for the big holiday journeys, why not take a little knitting along? Not just a little knitting, but a knitalong?
all the pretty blue ribbon scrap wraps

All has been quiet on this blog's front, as I suffered a bit with the season's less festive tidings, recycle-crafted, and worked my little tail off (I'm especially proud of this trans fat piece).

But I have big things to discuss. I have deadlines to make! Purple angora and sparkly handspun to make into gorgeous beautiful things! As part of Larissa's book project, I've agreed (ok, eagerly jumped up and reached my hand as far as I could into the air and screamed, me, me, ME!!!) to provide a pattern and host a knitalong. The pattern is the Blue Ribbon Scrap Wrap, a name that Larissa may or may not preserve for the book but, well, it makes me happy.

Blue Ribbon Scrap Wrap was conceived as a way to use up beautiful bits of handspun yarn (both of my samples have Larissa's friend Kim's lovely yarn), on the top and bottom border, and also incorporate lovely yarns that are (a) soft and luscious and (b) have some variability in color. It's a way to enhance the handspun and explore the limits of a particular color combination. The pattern calls for 1-2 ounces of handspun and two other coordinating yarns; one option (the reds) includes Noro Silk Garden and Frog Tree Alpaca, while the other (purples) includes Cascade 220 and an alpaca from Larissa's stash (Blue Sky Alpaca, perhaps?). It's knit on 10.5 circular needles and will probably take you 20-some hours to complete if you're a relatively experienced knitter.

Take your knitting with you! If you'd like to participate, please email me at mama [at] to receive a copy of the pattern. You'll have to agree to complete the knitting by sometime in January, and selected wraps may appear in the book.

Naturally I've created a flickr pool and I will be giving some little specially-designed, made-by-me blue ribbons to those who finish the wrap. It should be lots of fun and give you something to do with your fingers while you're trying to while away the hours while your stomach does flip-flops from the strange "chicken" sandwich on Continental, or while your in-laws regale you with yet another tale of your spouse's childhood, or while the family driver takes a "shortcut" to avoid holiday traffic. You know what I mean.

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