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blue ribbon scrap wrap knitalong update . december 22 . 2006

I'm very nearly completed with my sample purples-and-greens version of the blue ribbon scrap wrap for the knitalong. I've learned a couple of things, like, green and purple together is really beautiful and if you drop your stitch in a cable and discover it five rows later, it will take at least 10 minutes to right the matter. But, since it takes around 10 minutes each to knit a row (purls can be as fast as six minutes, just call me Speedy Purler), it's certainly faster than frogging and knitting those five again.

I've sent out patterns, thus far, to 13 lovely knitters. ( Aj . Valerie . Pamela M. . Jennifer . Lisa . Pamela B. . Beverly . Jennifer . Emily . Larissa . Tara . Brooke . Christelle). I think I'll cut the knitalong off at 25 knitters, or around the 5th of January, because it's a relatively time- and material-intensive pattern. If you'd like to knit the pattern but can't make the cutoff, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the book comes out in Spring 2008! But I've certainly had projects in my unfinished pile for longer so it'll just fly by ;)

This is the sort of project that garners attention. People exclaim over it, stop on their way down the airplane aisle and reach down and touch it, it's even been known to stop arguments in their tracks or provide a welcome conversation piece in an awkardly silent hotel shuttle. This is a project that I can't put down.

Already my wrap is far longer than I've suggested in the pattern; I'll end up between 24 and 26 inches long, I believe, and it's regal in such a different way from the red wrap, surely the garment of a petite Spanish princess. This one belongs on the commanding shoulders of a Russian (or Irish?) queen.

I've gone on so long that I've used up an entire skein of the Cascade 220 (the alternate yarn to Noro Silk Garden), and can't finish until I get more. I think I know what I'll be knitting on Christmas day!

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