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good (frantic) tidings . december 23 . 2006

whipping through christmas
Late last night, just a few minutes before 11, I arrived home from my second business trip in three weeks. Although I've certainly had lots of time for knitting in planes, in buses, in the waiting area watching the "depart" time magically change again and again, knitting is the entire extent of my Christmas preparations.

Well, there is the tree, the one thing I insisted upon and which started what may have been one of the biggest arguments the entire family has been in for some time. (It was really the decoration of the tree, not the mere existence of said tree, and it had nothing to do with "where should I put the white sparkly balls?", but that's another story.)

But speaking of arguments. In the airplane on the way home from Dulles I was sitting in the aisle seat, row 21, seat C. In seats A and B were two very principled men. That is, they felt strongly enough about their principles to argue over them, often in quite loud (but never downright angry, thank God) voices for at least three of the six hours of our flight. Central to their argument: Jesus, in which seat A believed and seat B did most certainly not. In fact, he found belief in Jesus to be a red flag signifying a core of Greedy Capitalist Right Wing Bigot. Seat B? Well, he was a Communist, and not a particularly rational one at that.

I almost got involved, but who wants to argue religion and politics with someone next to whom you'll still be sitting in two hours? Not me. But it reminded me of something I'd like to say.

I, too, believe in Jesus, and Christmas (for me) is not just a whirlwind of frantic shopping and decorating and baking. Sure, I'm knee-deep in said whirlwind today. But Christmas has a deeper meaning, and, I hope, I'm also teaching my children about my beliefs.

It's Jesus' birthday, and though I certainly won't argue with you about his importance in Row 21 of United Flight 247, nor will I call you "heathen" (or "Communist" for that matter) if you don't agree, I just wanted to announce that Christ is a huge part of his 'mas in this house.

Now back to the baking/wrapping/shopping/knitting/making mania. Good frantic tidings, all!

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