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happy new camera! . december 29 . 2006

The thing about a new camera: it's not easy getting a photo of it. In fact, given that I've spent all my pennies on bills and, hmmm, more bills (ok, one or two balls of yarn may have been thrown in, there), I haven't had cash to develop any of the film from my newbie.

So this photo-less post is here to announce that I have a new camera. My old one, the useful-but-ultimately-crappy Pentax ZX-50, has been replaced by an older, gooder P-Z-1p. (The old one, if you're interested, developed a fun little peccadillo -- it would rewind the film after two frames! Cool. Would have cost $125 to fix, roughly the value of a working ZX-50.)

Best part about this camera, though, is that my husband picked it out and bought it for me for Christmas, by far the best gift he's ever given (oh I know, children, engagement ring, yada yada: this one's the most useful, ok?). All this from a man who understands camera equipment not at all. He'd dropped off a lens to be fixed for me at Blue Moon Camera, and gotten "involved" with the people there (most especially, Zeb). When he called up to figure out the perfect replacement for my broken Pentax, they talked him into this lovely, substantial, perfect old thing.

I bow down to Blue Moon, and to my husband, for spending hours finding just the right camera for me. I can't wait to see what it does (and, in time, figure out a million ways to use it better).

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