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a new job for the work-from-home mama . february 14 . 2006 .

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

Yesterday, I started a new job. I didn't have to select my fanciest Italian duds, though, or brave a new commute. I didn't have to find a parking spot or drop my kids at daycare. Because my workspace is anywhere with power and a wifi connection.

I love working from home! It's all the Valentine's Day present I need (although I did get a rose, a bottle of wine and, most importantly, Theraflu from my loving hubbie, for the record). Not only am I pleased as punch that I get to continue working from home, this time with benefits: I get to blog for a living.

Yes! I blog for a living, with benefits. My official title: associate editor and blog coordinator. I'm working for Weblogs, Inc., the company that owns Blogging Baby and Slashfood, the blogs I've been spending every waking hour writing for over these past months. I continue working from home (after all, who needs spendy relocation fees when I'll be way more efficient and - let's be honest - I'll work way more hours from the comfort of my green velour chair and yoga pants?) and I do something I'm fascinated with, I love every minute.

I think I can't talk about what I'm doing, in detail, until launch time, but if you went to business school with me, or know a thing or two about that financial stuff, and are interested in blogging for me, please, by all means, "ping me." (that's what they say in the blogosphere, ya know?) You can reach me at sarah.gilbert at or on AIM: cafemamadotcom.

And here's what's so wonderful about working from home. I work 12 hour+ days but every 20 or 30 minutes I get to take a break and do somersaults with my boys, or praise Everett for pooping in the potty, or write about it, or give Truman a bit of milk. Or watch this:

(In case you're wondering, I don't do it all on my own - I have a babysitter 12-15 hours a week, and my husband is at home most of the time, so I have people to watch the kids while I talk on the phone or work from the coffee shop - which I usually do about three hours a day.)

(And in case you're wondering: yes! I will still be blogging, on a much-reduced basis, for Blogging Baby and Slashfood.)