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find me here, find me there - January 12, 2006

Melissa has a lovely icon on her site that reads, "If I'm not here, try here!" with our pretty Blogging Baby logo. I love it, and I have this sneaking suspicion her graphically-inclined metrosexual husband made it for her. Since I have no one of the graphics-software persuasion in the house, I'm just going to say it with photos:

blogging with the babies blogging about delicious things
you can find me blogging with the babies or blogging about delicious things over there!

And please, please go and see me over there. I have tons of interesting things I'm talking about and don't have time to bring up here. I'm having a lot of fun as the head of two blogs, and it's not just me - lots of other great stuff is going on at Weblogs, Inc. Plus, if you must know, I've been feeling a little competitive over my pageviews. If you promise to click a lot, at the end of the month, I'll give you the numbers for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing.