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i'm feeling it again - January 13, 2006

I've been struggling, here, to have the time and mental space to write personally. It's not that I don't have lots of things going on in this red-haired head of mine. It's just that I can't fit it in. I've been going through periods where my blood sugar gets all imbalanced and Everett is licking my knee and Truman is trying to hang off my computer table, panting and looking at me hopefully, and I can't think and I want to just throw the laptop onto 39th Avenue.

But then there are times like this, when I calm down and read other things that inspire me and have so, so much space in my head to just think. And one of the things I think: how much, how very much, I want to write.

Things have changed since November. I am now single-mindedly focused on working full-time writing with a sideline of non-profit and cafe play business plan work. (And if you've emailed me about this: yes I got your email. Yes I will respond eventually. Yes, yes, yes! I appreciate your interest and really want to work with you. Thank you so much!)

And I really enjoy this writing stuff. And I enjoy talking to you. So expect to hear more from me in 2006. About feminism and food and raising boys and real kitchens. About birth and Brillat-Savarin and oh, I'm done now and going to bed. I love you guys and soon, I'll give you more reasons to love me this year.