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knitting pretty (with free pattern!) . july 03. 2006

I'm not just knitting along. I can't stop myself. I'm knitting here, there and everywhere.

The car diet helps. I spend a lot of time on the bus, waiting for the bus, I have time to knit. (In theory, I have time to knit -- in actuality, with a baby in the carrier and, well, Everett, not so much knitting time.) Maybe it's the summer. I learned to knit in the summer, and every summer, knitting carries me away. I love to knit by the side of the wading pool, on my parents' porch on a lazy weekend, in the backyard as the boys play.

I'm knitting at least a dozen things right now, and they're all gorgeous-in-training. There's the lick-lick monster (you'll have to see it when I'm done), by request from Everett, based on a monster at Mabel's. There's that great hat I made for Truman ... maybe someday I'll write up the pattern. There are four partially-finished sweaters. There's the brilliant red shawl, using some of this gorgeous candy-cane yarn and lots of leftover "reds" noro silk garden.

And there's the blanket that it's left over from. Oh, the blanket. This thing has taken over my life, and that is a good thing. I designed it for Shetha's "knitting way" -- a different kind of baby shower. She's due in October, and the mamas and I are planning a knitting event for her. The concept: everyone will knit a strip of the blanket, in some gorgeous colorway from noro silk garden, and we'll finish the knitting together at her shower / blessing way, while thinking strong healthy birth thoughts and telling birth stories. She can use it to keep warm during birth, and to wrap the baby in when it's born.

If you're participating, here's the pattern, in pdf format. Please check with me for your length assignment and take this exhortation: you must think beautiful thoughts about health, strength, and a positive birth experience. If you need inspiration, remember a birth (of your own child or someone you know) or read my birth meditation from Truman's birth.

I was just supposed to make one strip -- a four- to five-hour job. But the blanket took over my imagination and suddenly I was making strip after strip after strip. I've decided to turn my sample into a blanket for my sister Jenny and her husband -- to wrap each other together as they're enjoying a cool evening in Panama. I'm almost done with strip #4 and I can't get enough of the silky soft cables. It's a beautiful pattern, if I do say so myself.

[If you're not participating in the knitting way, but want to use the pattern, I'll be posting the instructions on assembling the blanket, meant to be a trapezoid shape about 18 inches wide at the top and 60 inches at the bottom, shortly.]

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