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boy (a show) . july 19 . 2006

I need your help. I fell in love with a photo of Everett I took recently (I haven't uploaded it yet) and I decided finally to do it: print up some of my favorite photos and foist myself upon a local coffeeshop to show my "work." I want to call it "boy" and feature some of the exuberant silly brilliant tortured emotions I see on the faces of my boys, and the ones I know. My organizing principal: in a world of matching mother-daughter capri pants, I've learned to celebrate the beauty of the boy.

Naturally, I'll have to narrow down as I can only afford to print up a limited number. OK, I can't afford to print up any of them, but I'll happily pick up my photos before I pay my credit card bill. No, really. It's a sickness.

Want to give me some feedback? Take a look at the set I made last night. Tell me which photos you like best (some of my faves: Carter at Christmas; Everett with popsicle; Truman with pipe). Oh, and if you want me to take a photo of your boy? Drop me a note, mama [at]

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