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blogher: there's no minute like last minute . july 24 . 2006

I'm speaking at Blogher. While many of you know from my mention elsewhere that I'll be speaking, along with the lovely Asha Dornfest, I realized a few days ago that I never mentioned it here. I apologize! And I hope that none of you are now scrambling to get in at the last minute, because really, how could you miss that? (She says modestly.). A few days ago, the other panelists conferenced with us, and I was infused with the confidence that I'm really going to have fun at this conference, that is, when I'm not stressing about whether Karen and I will hit it off in person as much as we have online and whether Melissa will forgive me for having subjected her to what she likes to call "Flogging Baby". (For the record: while I sympathize with her stress, my experience with Blogging Baby was much more harmonious than hers and in fact now that I'm a fulltimer still sometimes I write for free!)

Anyhow. I really look forward to (a) meeting new people; (b) seeing old friends -- some in the flesh for the first time; and (c) basking in the glow of the blogging elite. And oh yes, I'm bringing Truman, I hope y'all don't mind.

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