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swaptastic . july 26 . 2006

customs declaration, oh me, oh my!Why, oh why, did I do it? No, I know why. I'm a glutton for missed deadlines and crafty kitschy fun. I entered a kid's cooking swap, my first one, and promptly forgot about it until I received a lovely, lovely package of delights from the U.K. The generous Ali (who I was delighted to read, shares my sentiment of being "congenitally unable to follow a recipe without meddling") packed an international mail envelope full of goodies like colorful cookie cutters, bright and funky monkey straws, yummy Brit recipes (Toad in the Hole! apricot pancakes! and more!), the most adorable book about children in food (literally, in food), a gorgeous magazine. Hurrah!

I loved it so much that I sunk into a deep depression. Naturally, I couldn't possibly do such wonderful things for my own swap partner. Speaking of swap partners, who was my swap partner? And when was the package due?

oh the pretty stuffTurns out: my partner was Larissa, whose fault it was that I signed up for the swap in the first place, and the deadline was: passed. I had good ideas, really I did. I started making stuffed "wooden" spoons and knives, a knitted mug, napkins from scraps of fabric. Needless to say, it's still in progress.

Larissa, you're really going to love your swap package! I'm swaptastic. I'm just... really, really, really late.

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