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live blogging blogher . the queen of the art form . july 29 . 2006

The lovely Amey Stone, my AOL buddie who helps me make Blogging Stocks look good, very generously called me a "master of the live blogging art form." And though I'm not oh-so-humble, well, it's a skill that's very suited toward my particular personality. She can type like the wind! She thinks on her feet! She focuses in sharp intense bursts! She hates reviewing and editing! Yep, liveblogging was designed for me.

Yet, live blogging takes an enormous amount of dedication and energy, in the moment. One day last week I liveblogged two earnings calls back-to-back and afterward I went straight to the backyard, and laid down on my back and let the boys climb over me while I thought about knitting. That's how mentally and physically drained I was.

So I'm "live blogging" Blogher for you, but I'm not live blogging it. You know? I'd rather soak up all the cool bloggity goodness around me than throw myself into a real factual-comprehensive-witty recap. Plus there's that baby to contend with...

There has been a lot out there written about Blogher, and heck, I've done some of it, so I won't go too deep in the obvious: many wonderful gorgeous women here, and yes some of them have gorgeous clothes, and yes! Heather Armstrong is tall. And Robert Scoble, man, is quite the happy fellow. He smiles, and smiles. It was lovely to meet (in the flesh) all of you I've met. There, I'll leave it at that, you're all gorgeous and funny and smart and if I linked to you I'd never be up for yoga.

she's blogging! and talking! and is that a baby she's holding? pick up that baby, please, ma'amBut most of all I feel super lucky to have gotten interested in the whole blogging thing when I did. I know (by reputation, email, or flickr aura) most of the famous people here, and it's been fun matching in-the-flesh faces to blogs. I find that a surprising number of people know me! and recognize Truman! and take our picture, mainly, because Truman's so darned adorable.

I find that I'm really becoming a blogging expert, which of all the things to be in the world, I never quite imagined (and is darn fun). Sure, I don't know everything (just wait 'til I link to our first try at a Blogging Baby podcast, you'll laugh, and no, it's not just because I'm a master of the comedic art). But I really know a ton, I've learned it in the trenches ... I've managed dozens of blogs and literally hundreds of writers, I've written thousands of entries (upwards of 3,000, or maybe 4,000 now, I lose count), I've recruited and built teams and met up and photographed and paid and SEO-ed and commented on and built traffic for and monetized and loved, loved, loved blogs and bloggers. I enjoy being an uber-blog-writer-manager-etc. and I love talking about it. I probably won't come away from this conference having learned a valuable new skill. But I will have benefited greatly from the give-and-take, and met dozens of wonderful, great, life-affirming people, made relationships that will change the way I go about my work, finally gotten to shake the hands of those I've watched from afar for years, and, if I'm lucky, snagged a few new readers.

Hi guys! I'm live from Blogher!

Photo courtesy the exuberant, stylish Tracey Clark

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